The health and safety of all workers remains paramount across Europe. However, certain sectors, such as the construction industry, still lag behind in their implementation of safety procedures, with often fatal consequences. There is a critical need to deliver effective safety training - especially to low-skilled and migrant workers in high risk environments such as the construction industry.  Furthermore, there are currently no established frameworks for evaluating the quality and efficacy of safety training.

The primary goal of ESTEEM is to maximise the quality and efficacy of safety training programmes provided in the EU. Taking a multi-national and multi-disciplinary approach, ESTEEM aims to:

ESTEEM Safety Training Knowledge Base

The ESTEEM Safety Training Knowledge Base will include existing safety literature and work-related safety regulations, practices, and training programmes from across the EU at organisational, national, and transnational levels, with a focus on safety training activities for low-skilled and immigrant workers within construction. The production of the ESTEEM Safety Training Knowledge Base will arise from the following activities:

ESTEEM Safety Training Package

Based on the knowledge from the ESTEEM Safety Training Knowledge Base, the ESTEEM Safety Training Package has been developed, which  incorporates in-person training, e-learning, and on-the job exercises.

ESTEEM Interactive Platform for Safety Training

After a period of pilot testing, the Safety Training Package became freely available to any organisation interested in using it, via the ESTEEM Interactive Platform for Safety Training.

ESTEEM Training Evaluation Device

The team developed a series of questionnaires to measure how ESTEEM's safety training was applied in the workplace, identify any barriers to this application and the general outcomes of the training.

ESTEEM Certification

Finally, we have developed a certification system for safety trainer who have been trained in delivering the training and for construction workers who have completed training.

ESTEEM Guidelines

The Guidelines focus specifically on enhancing safety for low-skilled and migrant workers.

All materials and resources associated with these six outputs have been made available for free in multiple languages and media formats, on this website and via the ESTEEM Interactive Platform for Safety Training.

Additionally, members can start discussions, ask questions, and upload links to their own tools, data and materials related to workplace safety on the ESTEEM LinkedIn group and the ESTEEM Facebook group.