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Karina Nielsen

Karina Nielsen is Professor of Work Psychology and Director of the Institute for Work Psychology within Sheffield University Management School. Her research interests are in the area of interventions and how to evaluate what works for whom in which circumstances. She has led a range of large collaborative projects at the national and European level. Karina has published her research widely and been invited to present her research at academic and practitioner conferences.

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Rose Shepherd

Rose Shepherd is a Lecturer in Work Psychology at the Institute of Work Psychology, Sheffield University Management School. Her research interests lie in the areas of workplace safety, safety culture and climate, and human error. Rose has successfully published her research in a number of international peer-reviewed journals and a series of books for the UK Cabinet Office, and has presented her work at numerous leading national and international conferences.

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Kara Ng

Dr Kara Ng is a Research Associate at the Institute of Work Psychology, Sheffield University Management School. She completed her PhD at Alliance Manchester Business School in 2019. She is interested in understanding employee experiences at work, particularly in relation to workplace bullying and unethical behaviour, and the impact they have on employee wellbeing.

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University of Bologna

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Marco Depolo

Marco Depolo is Professor of Work and Organisational Psychology at the University of Bologna (Department of Psychology). The area of occupational health and safety is among his main research interests. The applied side of his scientific activities concerns evaluation of interventions’ impact on training and organisational processes.

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Marco Mariani

Marco Mariani is researcher in Work and Organisational Psychology. His main research interests entail safety culture aspects for chemical companies and service industries. He carried out research projects on safety performance with a specific focus on compliance with safety norms and behaviours, and research projects on non-technical skills for safety and prevention of human error. In both cases he has been in charge for the scientific and the applied (implementation) part of the projects.

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Francisco Saverio Violante

Francesco Saverio Violante is Professor of Occupational Medicine. He has been a staff physician in Occupational Medicine at the Sant’Orsola Malpighi University Hospital (Bologna, Italy), where he is now Director of the Unit of Occupational Medicine. His main research interest focuses on occupational musculoskeletal disorders and occupational and environmental toxicology. He is President of the Italian Society of Occupational Medicine and member of the International Commission on Occupational Health.

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Michela Vignoli

Michela Vignoli is Senior Assistant Professor in Work and Organisational Psychology at the Department of Psychology and Cognitive Science (DIPSCO) at the University of Trento (Italy), where she teaches training and vocational psychology. One of her main interests is related to the effectiveness of training programmes, by analysing the individual and contextual factors able to affect transfer of training.

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Dina Guglielmi

Dina Guglielmi is full Professor in Work and Organisational Psychology, at the Department of Education Studies (University of Bologna). Her main research interests are: assessment and development of professional competences; quality of working life, organisational antecedents of mobbing and burnout; soft-skills development and evaluation; and safety training and non-technical skills for safety. The applied side of her scientific activities concerns stress and organisational well-being and competence development.

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Emanuela Valente

Emanuela Valente is a Work and Organisational Psychologist interested in HR training and career counselling. She has experience in training design, safety training management, school guidance and career counselling.


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Luisa Sileni

Luisa Sileni is Senior Expert of IIPLE Bologna, in training activity management and implementation of training courses for specialisation and professional development, related to building sector, energy efficient buildings and sustainable environment. She has expertise in the development of training activities and enhancing business growth and qualification, as well as extensive experience on the needs of SMEs operating in the building sector. She has engaged in design activity and management in various European training and professional development projects.

Gazmend Llanaj

Gazmend Llanaj is Senior teacher of vocational and safety training within IIPLE, coordinator of CPTO area (Operational Territorial Joint Committee) for accident prevention, hygiene and safety in the building sites of Bologna district. He has many years of experience in designing, organising, teaching and managing various vocational training courses for construction workers and technicians. He has engaged in continuous research and has in-depth knowledge of the BBS best practices and safety issues in the workplace, including the implementation of interactive methods in mandatory training on safety and cultural awareness for those who train migrant workers.

University of Valencia

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José Maria Peiró

José Mª Peiró is Professor of Social and Organisational Psychology at the Department of Social Psychology at University of Valencia. He is Director of the University Research Institute of Human Resources Psychology, Organisational Development and Quality of Working life (IDOCAL) and past-President of the International Association of Applied Psychology (IAAP).

Professor Peiró has published on several topics such as occupational stress and coping, organisational and team climate and culture, safety culture and safety behaviours and teamwork in highly prestigious journals such as Journal of Applied Psychology, Work and Stress, Journal of Occupational and Organisational Psychology, European Journal of Work and Organisational Psychology.

He has served as Associate Editor of the European Journal of Work and Organisational Psychology and currently he is member of the editorial board of prestigious journals such as Work and Stress, Journal of Occupational Health Psychology, Organisational Psychology Review. He is the lead researcher in a number of European Projects such as the Certified Professional of the Climate KIC of the European Institute of Technology; The research project of Smart and Sustainable Offices and the Event project for postgraduate entry into the labour market of Vietnamese University graduates. He is also leading the Research project on sustainable wellbeing at work funded by the Spanish Research Agency.

Laura Lorente

Laura Lorente is an associate Professor, and researcher at the Institute of HR Psychology, Organisational Development and Quality of Working Life (IDOCAL) of the University of Valencia. She has experience in evaluation and prevention of occupational risks and in personnel selection working with companies from different industries (ceramic, chemical, banking, social services).

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Alicia Salvador

Alicia Salvador is a Full Professor at the University of Valencia (Spain) and senior researcher at the Research Institute IDOCAL Her research topics focus on Social stress and health: vulnerabilities and resilience and also on the relationship between stress and cognition across the life-span and psychobiological consequences of social stress. She has participated in studies on Psychosocial Risk Analysis and prevention in the health sector.

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Luminița Pătraș

Luminița Pătraș is a Research Fellow at the University of Valencia and Associate Professor at the Open University of Catalunia, where she teaches courses related to health, safety and quality of life at workplace. Her research interest focuses on prosocial behaviours, performance and well-being, with a special focus on interventions for improving quality of life.

Valora Prevención

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Fausto Juliá Mallol

Fausto Julia Mallol is Head of the Training Department in Valora Prevención, with more than 10 years of experience developing new didactic and training courses for clients, implementing new didactic tools such as the virtual training platform developed jointly with the Polytechnic University of Valencia; He is part of the Junior Executive MBA of the Business School (EDEM) with a degree from the University of Valencia.

At present, he promotes the theoretical-practical training within the project initiated in valora prevencion “from theory to action”, in which they rely upon specialist partners to support clientele with State subsidies for training in the prevention of occupational hazards, with the mission of optimising the health of the workers of clients by effective prevention. Valora prevencion has conducted  a total of 7,964 training courses this year (2017) with 12,386 students by September 2017.

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Francisco Javier García González

Francisco Javier García González is an engineer and possesses an MS in Prevention of Occupational Risks, specialised in CSS (Certified Safety Specialist), CIH (Certified Industrial Hygienist), CES (Certified Ergonomics Specialist). He has been responsible for the management of Specialist and Health personnel for ten years, and is Head of the Large Corporations Department to manage and coordinate the service required by large corporations within valora prevencion.

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Mª José Gisbert Jordá

Mª José Gisbert Jordá is Senior Technician in Prevention of Occupational Hazards, specialising in Safety, Hygiene; Ergonomics and Psychosociology. She has advised companies in Occupational Risk Prevention Management within VALORA PREVENCION for more than 14 years. Previously, she worked at the Foundation for Occupational Safety in the area of occupational health, participating in projects such as advising the Prevention Delegates and teaching training courses.

She has more than ten years of experience in the delivery of courses to companies and training organisations of occupational risk prevention courses in many sectors, given valora prevencion’s catalogue of services and their wide portfolio of clients with different economic activities, such as construction, the textile sector, plastics, agricultural, education and public administrations.

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Quality Control Committee

Mary Ogungbeje (IOSH, UK)

Miles Burger (HSE, UK)

Mercedes Tejedor Aibar (INSST, Spain)

Malgorzata Milczarek (EU-OSHA, Spain)

Antonio Valenti (INAIL, Italy)

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