ESTEEM Knowledge Base

Safety training resources

As part of the ESTEEM Safety Training Knowledge Base, a thorough review of the grey literature was conducted, focusing on safety training activities for low-skilled and migrant workers in the construction industry, both within the EU (in particular the UK, Spain and Italy, as the project partners) and internationally (mainly the USA).

A total of 416 relevant sources were identified during the review. They have been organised into four catalogues, each of which relates specifically to migrant and low qualified workers within the construction industry.

For further details about each catalogue, including links to the sources themselves, select the relevant catalogue:

1. Safety training programmes, courses, activities and tools

Includes assessment and certification, for both trainers and trainees.

2. Studies, reports and databases

Providing indexes and indicators relating to health and safety, accidents, injuries and fatalities.

4. Laws, norms and regulations

Related to health and safety.

As part of the Safety Training Knowledge Base, a series of focus groups and interviews were conducted with migrant workers, non-migrant workers, supervisors, trainers and occupational safety and health professionals in the UK, Spain and Italy, to explore their views on safety training for migrant workers in the construction industry.

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